Top Methods to Improve Your Instagram Engagement


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We reached out to several top Instagram influencers and put together this list of methods they use to improve their Instagram engagement.

1. Using Instagram Growth Tools

Instagram growth tools can be a powerful tool to help grow Instagram engagement — but only if you select a reputable company that approaches growth in the right way.  

2. Take High-Quality Photos

Instagram is a highly visual social media platform. It is home to virtually all types of images—from selfies to travel photos to product shots of virtually every product you can think of. If you want to stand out from the competition, you have to post high-quality images. It’s non-negotiable. This can be easily achieved if you hire a pro photographer, and this is exactly what most established brands practice. 

Modern influencer, improve Instagram engagement

However, this doesn’t mean you’re out of the game if you can’t afford to hire a professional to do it for you. Armed with a mobile phone and tons of creativity, you can achieve the desired look you want for your Instagram profile. Plus, with a wide range of photo editing apps and filters available to everyone, you are well equipped to produce the perfect photos for Instagram. 

3. Partner with other brands

No person is an island; the same goes for brands on Instagram. Reach out to a complimenting brand and do a co-promotion or Instagram takeover. This helps increase your Instagram engagement and likes. Be sure to tag each other so viewers interested can quickly find you both.

4. Share behind the scenes photos

Everyone loves to take a peek behind the curtain; they want to see how something is made, and the synergy between your team. You aren’t just sharing behind the scenes content, you’re growing loyalty with the quality of your products and the people behind it, as well as building a relationship with lifelong customers.

improve instagram engagement with behind the scenes

5. Find your best time to post to Instagram

Finding the best time to post has proven to be more relevant as it was in the past as it is now. You should always post at the optimum time when followers are glued to their phones. Take a look at the best times to post on Instagram by industry, and start scheduling your posts at these times to see the results.

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