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It’s no surprise that Instagram is on top of their game with yet another feature, but the good thing about this one is that it’s completely catered to help creators. Creators are an enormous proponent of Instagram’s business – from influencers promoting products and sales, to businesses setting up e-commerce shops and selling through the app. Instagram appreciates all of the individuals that have helped the business grow while simultaneously growing their own.

This new set of features that was recently announced by Instagram has been divided into three parts – Creator Shops, Affiliate Commerce, and a Branded Content Marketplace.

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Creator Shop

Although we don’t know much about this feature yet, Mark Zuckerberg did announce that it will be a way for content creators to monetize their creative efforts. Creators will be able to create shoppable products from other brands in their own shop and sell from their profile page.

We are all very eager to see how this will not only help creators grow but also support businesses in their marketing efforts.

Affiliate Commerce

Affiliates have been around for a while, but Instagram has recently decided to level up the game even further. This new affiliate program will allow influencers and creators to generate commission off of the sales they make through their unique link. Oftentimes when brands reach out to influencers, they aren’t always guaranteed commission or that they will be paid. With this new launch, Instagram is giving influencers even more of an advantage.

Commission can range from 5 to 50%, and we still don’t know the full details of where that number will settle. Our guess right now, on top of the sales having to be done through the app, is that they also have to be done through Instagram Checkout. Instagram is turning into it’s own complete e-commerce store!

Branded Content Marketplace

This feature is most likely the one that brands have been waiting a very long time for. It will allow businesses to find creators that fit their company mission and would be an ideal fit for their audience. Essentially, it would be the first move by Instagram to step into the influencer-brand collaboration space.

No business owner wants their products to be sold by someone who doesn’t align with their brand. In this way, Instagram is making it easier for both creators and businesses to find each other and ease their marketing efforts. Another important point to make here is that it gives the chance for micro influencers to be found and rewarded for their efforts. Quality over quantity will always rule, and businesses are quickly learning that creators with a smaller following are way more valuable if their engagement is higher than some of those with a higher follower count.

Instagram is giving everyone a chance. Who could argue against that?

Despite the rumors that Instagram is too crowded, too fatigued, or too old, the app is growing and thriving. What Instagram has accomplished since its launch has allowed some incredible things to happen between brands and creators, and those efforts are only going to increase with time. Which of these features are you most excited about this year?

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