Easy Steps to an Irresistible Instagram Bio

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Instagram bios are an important part of your Instagram feed. They’re often the first thing people look at when they click on your feed, and if you don’t include the right information in them (i.e. your contact details), you could end up losing clients.

But what exactly makes the perfect Instagram bio? Here, we examine some of our favorite Instagram bios and extract five top tips on making your own killer bio.

To edit your Instagram bio, just go to Edit Profile on Instagram, and then click on the Bio section to edit. Once you’re there, here’s what to do…

1. Be super-succinct

You only have 150 characters to play with in your Instagram bio, so you can’t waffle on too much even if you wanted to, but keep your message as succinct as possible. Think about what a person who has no idea who you are and has just stumbled across your feed needs to know. Who are you? Where are you? What are your interests? What should people expect to find on the page?

Hobby of photography instagram bio
Hobby of photography.

What you write in your Instagram bio will depend on what exactly you are aiming for with your Instagram account. Personal accounts might list your interests, while more work-focused accounts should list what you do, perhaps including the company you work for or any clients (with an @), perhaps not. It’s a good idea to list your location if you think that’s relevant. You can also include hashtags and keywords

2. Include hashtags in Instagram Bio

We don’t recommend including lots of hashtags in your bio, because that usually looks a bit #toomuch, but the odd hashtag can help people find your page, and also shows what you’re about. To search for relevant hashtags, click search within Instagram and look under ‘Tags’. You can then see a list of hashtags and how many posts use them daily.

You can also include any hashtag that you want people to use when referencing your content, or a particular campaign you’re involved in.

Feet standing over hashtag imprint on street

Including your own hashtag can seem a bit over-the-top if you’re just starting out, so probably don’t include your name as a hashtag if you’ve only got 100 followers. You might find it isn’t used in the way you’d hoped.

In general, remember that people have a limited attention span online, particularly on Instagram, so keep all of your bio text short and sweet, and make sure it is easy to scan. 

3. Include a call to action in Instagram Bio

It’s best to include a call to action (CTA) on your Instagram bio. This sounds like a marketing term (because it is), but calls to action are vital for anyone who wants people to interact with them, their work, or their feed.

Think about someone you don’t know clicking on your feed. What do you want them to do? Would you like them to buy your work? Click on your website? Follow your other account? Comment on your posts? 

Whatever it is, don’t be shy about it. Include this information in the form of a button that says ’email’ or ‘contact’ for example. This is for business accounts only and happens automatically when you include your contact details on your profile.

Do it now inspirational quote

Your CTA could also be a link, and you can use emojis to point at this link to direct people to it. 

You only get one link on your Instagram profile, so choose it wisely, you might want to include your website, a link to your shop, or perhaps a link about you and your work you want to direct people to. You could even link to another social media account if you have more work there. 

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